Tag attachment multipack

Tag attachment multipack

kr 950,00

Multipack with 500 tag attachments for autoPASS. Each individual package contains an attachment and a wet wipe. Clean the windshield before installation.
NOK 5,000. + shipping

Product info

Assembly instructions

  1. Remove any old attachment, use adhesive solvent.
  2. Use the included wet wipe and clean the windscreen.
  3. Remove the paper on one side of the Velcro and fasten
    the Velcro to the marked area on the toll tag.
  4. Remove the paper on the other side of the Velcro and press
    the chip against the windshield for 10 seconds. This area is often a
    shaded field in the windscreen behind the mirror. The route should be heated.
    The tag must not obstruct the view.*

* On heavy vehicles (bus/lorry), place the chip at the bottom of the windscreen.
It must not be mounted so that it is hidden behind a windscreen wiper.



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