Tag attachment

Tag attachment

kr 39,00

Tag attachment. The package contains a new attachment and wet wipe. Clean the windshield before installation.

Product info

Assembly instructions

  1. Install the tag in the correct vehicle. The packaging is marked with the vehicles registration number.
  2. Remove the old tag if you have one, from the vehicle. Use a plastic card and glue dissolving agent to scrape of the glue. Do not use any metal scraper.
  3. Using the wet wipe provided, clean the area where the tag is being installed. Do not use soap. Ensure that the windscreen is completely dry and heated before you proceed.
  4. Peel the backing paper from one side of the velcro and attach the velcro to the area marked on the tag.
  5. Peel off the backing paper from the other side of the velcro and press the tag against the windscreen for 10 seconds.*

* On heavy vehicles (Trucks/buses), place the chip at the bottom of the windscreen.



Size and weight

Weight0.001 kg

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